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Created: 28-01-2024

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In mid-January 2024, Bitcoin impulse broke through the 48 thousand level, although, as expected, it soon dropped to $37 thousand. However, the expectations of the entire crypto community for a new bull run are justified...

Each bull run had its new tokens, which grew significantly more than Bitcoin. Which altcoins will be relevant? What problems will be solved at this bull run that will determine the best investment option?

The breakthrough of 2023 is generative AI. Everyone has already heard about ChatGPT. However, few people yet realize the scale of the threats that will arise from the use of AI in everyday life. The volume of fakes on the Internet will increase by an order of magnitude, and this process has already begun.

It becomes very easy and cheap to create a fake website, image, audio, and video. Every day new fakes or phishing scams await you on the Internet, and the general culture of checking information sources is still at its lowest point.

AI is also shaping a new economy, new connections are needed, and new business relationships need to be established more and more quickly. In addition, the growth of global financial problems and restrictions, inflation, “cancel culture” and the arbitrariness of digital monopolistic platforms also give rise to a rapidly growing demand for new partners and new business schemes. How to choose partners, how to build conceptual relationships, and with whom is it better to negotiate? Who can and cannot be trusted? What can you trust and what should you never trust? Audio can already be faked on the fly, and video content also suffers the same fate.