The value of TNS to the human community

Created: 26-01-2024

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A new stage in the development of the Internet is identification and personification based on blockchain technologies. This is necessary to create a mass-functioning digital network institution of reputation. Initially, such a task was spelled out in the WhitePaper of the Ethereum blockchain, but only in 2024 did Ethereum and the crypto industry mature to solve this problem.

The Trust Name Space (TNS) project starts on the Ethereum blockchain. For the first time, the idea of digital reputation in the form of tokens on a name will be implemented. The project is expecting viral explosive growth of its audience due to the distribution of 85% of the funds received for names among name owners. You can make money both by increasing the price of tokens and promoting the project and by creating a name and reputation for yourself in the TNS standard. Greatest possibilities!

Finding out about a good project at the beginning of its existence is a great success. The first investors who believed in Ethereum in 2014 invested $0.35-0.50 per 1 ETH, and by the beginning of 2016 they received $10, and now the price is above $2200 per 1 ETH.

The blockchain infrastructure in 2024 has become much more developed, but many tricks have been invented, so the need for a global digital identity and reputation tool is greater than ever. Names will always be in demand, and many of them will be fought over on the secondary market.

The TNS model is deflationary, unlike Ethereum, where the coins were mined. Only 50 million $TRUE utility tokens will be issued. The $TRUE price will increase as the demand for TNS standard names increases. The accumulation of tokens on a name will further reduce their mass in circulation and increase their value. The volume of tokens on a name is a sign of reputation. The higher the reputation, the easier it will be to interact digitally with all participants in business life.

$TRUE project tokens will be credited and stored to the name. These tokens can be withdrawn from the name to a regular wallet and exchanged and sent as regular tokens. You can also send $TRUE to your name. The name will reflect how many $TRUE tokens have been accumulated on it and this will be a metric of trust in it. The more $TRUE on a name, the more trustworthy it is. But that is not all…

It will be possible to see exactly how the volume of tokens in the name was formed. There is a difference when tokens appeared thanks to a large referral network of seven or more levels, and when $TRUE was just transferred to the name. In this way, you can understand whether there is a real community behind the name.

In addition, each name is attached to a single ecosystem service TrustLink, which allows you to bilaterally link social networks, websites, email, etc. to the name. Two-way linking allows you to confirm that a specific social network or site is linked to a name, as well as vice versa. In the future, the service will add name history, and reputation and will develop a culture of subjectivity. This will allow you to uniquely identify a person and see his reputation.

In addition, it will be possible to store not only $TRUE tokens in the name but also others that support the Ethereum standard.
TNS solves the problem of the lack of subjectivity in Web 3.0, turning the digital crypto space into a full-fledged field of economic activity with digital brands, property, trust, and an analog of “securities”, with everything that needs the institution of reputation. This is the threshold of a qualitatively new stage in the development of DeFi. TNS lays the systemic foundations for digital interactions based on trust.

TNS is a cross-platform standard that penetrates more than 20 networks, including ETH, BSC, ARB, and MATIC. The uniqueness of the TNS name is confirmed by its binding to the Ethereum wallet.

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