Announcement of TNS Mechanics and Technical Documentation

Created: 12-06-2024

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We are pleased to announce the update of the TNS whitepaper, which includes detailed descriptions of the project's technical aspects.

The updated whitepaper covers the following key sections:

SideChain: Details and benefits of using sidechain architecture for the SocialFI standard.
Interactions: Mechanics of interactions between the main blockchain and the sidechain.
Functionality: Core functions and capabilities of the sidechain.
Bridge: Implementation and security of bridges for token transfers between networks.
Justification for Choosing Layer-2 Architecture: Reasons for choosing Layer-2 architecture and its comparison with other solutions.
Unique Security Concept: Second Wallet and its support by core services.
Solving High Load Issues: Hyperledger Fabric, choosing an enterprise solution for the community.

For more detailed information, please refer to the updated technical documentation on our website.

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