TrustLaunch April PreSale Update

Created: 11-04-2024

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Important Token Distribution Policy Update:
We've added detailed information about the token distribution rules in the project's tokenomics section. You can review this information

Token Price: Starting April 10th, the token price will increase every three days up to $0.75 per token. After this, the price increase will pause for a while until new marketing activities are launched.

Airdrop: We've valued your activity and extended the airdrop. Until the beginning of June, we will continue the airdrop, increasing the distribution based on participant activity. You can join

Marketing Activities: In the next 2 weeks, we plan to actively expand the platform's user base. Join us now to take advantage of the PreSale favorable conditions and gain access to our unique token at a great price! Together, we are creating a new stage in the development of the TrustNameSpace (TNS) ecosystem.

Don't miss the chance to be with us from the very beginning of this exciting journey.
Thank you for your support and activity!

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