Digital Pandemic: Protection with TNS

Created: 26-03-2024

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The world is facing a new pandemic — the digital pandemic of fakes. The volume of fraud using AI is growing exponentially. For example, last year in the Philippines, the number of AI fraud cases increased by 4500% year-over-year, in Vietnam by more than 3000% year-over-year, and in Japan by 2800% year-over-year.

Do not surrender your biometric data. Protect your personal information. Invest in TNS by purchasing $TRUE, a project that will protect cyberspace from the digital pandemic of fakes.

The unique digital profile of TNS, protected by blockchain technology, will allow you to specify genuine links to all your online resources that define your digital face, sign your content, both public and private, digital documents, and transactions with a unique digital signature.

Anyone who wants to verify the authenticity of your digital resources and documents will be able to do so easily. The TNS profile will become not just your digital business card. It is the most reliable tool for protecting your online social connections and content.

This is how it will be implemented in the TNS project.

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