Protecting Your Digital Identity with TrustLink from TNS: How Blockchain Changes the Game

Created: 21-03-2024

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In the digital era, where social networks have become an integral part of our daily lives, cybersecurity and trust in internet content have become exceptionally relevant. Users are constantly facing the threat of account falsification and fraud, with malefactors impersonating well-known personalities, bloggers, or even your friends attempting to access your personal data.

There is an acute need for a digital environment and technologies that reliably protect digital identity. TNS technology with the TrustLink service addresses these issues.

Imagine you are a popular blogger actively using social networks to communicate with your audience. Your accounts on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are your digital face, linked with your subscribers, reputation, and income. Losing your digital face in cyberspace is more terrifying than "losing face" in real life because restoring communication with a disenchanted large audience is very difficult. The security of your accounts in this case is critically important.

It's also important to try to eliminate situations where someone can act on your behalf for their own selfish or even fraudulent purposes. Network popularity comes with the risk that fraudsters create fake accounts with similar nicknames, taking advantage of your audience's attention for their gain.

Unfortunately, until now, there have been no effective ways to combat these unscrupulous practices. Or rather, there were none until the advent of TNS and TrustLink.

The TrustLink service from TNS allows you to create a unique digital profile, in which you can specify genuine links to all your online resources, defining your digital face.

The uniqueness of each link is protected by blockchain technology, ensuring its singularity and immutability.

Once your profile is created on TrustLink, your unique links are always available to your audience. Anyone who wants to verify the authenticity of your online resource can now easily do so.

By using TrustLink, you not only protect your accounts from falsification but also raise your subscribers' level of trust. They can be sure they are communicating with you. This is especially important when it comes to collecting donations or selling exclusive content.

TrustLink from TNS is much more than just a service for creating digital business cards on the blockchain. It is your digital lock, protecting your reputation and connection with the audience from various fraudsters. And not only that.

TrustLink from TNS is also a tool that protects you from the consequences of network account theft and from the arbitrary actions of digital platforms in the form of bans.

Your account can be not only faked but also stolen by fraudsters. And it can be banned for political reasons by the digital platforms themselves. Recall, in this context, the most egregious case of such practice - the ban of US President Donald Trump's accounts in all American social networks, except the one he owns.

However, few in our world can afford to own their social network to convey their content to their audience. If you are not Elon Musk or Donald Trump, you are defenseless against today's system of network censorship. Against the arbitrariness of cyberlords owning digital platforms and controlling your communication. Hundreds of thousands of people are banned for telling the truth about the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine side effects, their political views, and simply for posting and even reposting information that censorship disapproves of.

Thus, the internet, from a tool of free speech under the control of digital monopolies, becomes a tool for mind control through information filtering. And, of course, this unscrupulous practice is covered up by talks of your safety.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety," but digital monopolies today no longer ask us if we are ready to sacrifice freedom. The fact is that it exists for us only as long as they allow it.

TrustLink does not oppose digital freedom to safety. TrustLink simply offers to take both into your own hands.

Today, a ban of your account cuts you off from your audience. With the TrustLink service, you retain your audience in case your account is banned or hijacked. You simply create a new unique link to a new online resource, immediately available to your audience through your profile. No more need to send your subscribers messages like "I was banned/hacked, subscribe to a new account," which becomes an impossible task in the case of a numerous audience. Your audience, knowing your unique name in TNS, will always find your online resources, your current digital face, by it.

In a world where digital identity becomes as significant as the real one, having a reliable system for its protection is not just a convenience. It's a necessity.

TrustLink offers just such a system: simple to use and powerful in protecting your digital "self".

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