Why is Trust Name Space needed?

Created: 25-03-2024

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TNS (Trust Name Space) addresses the issue of unique digital entity identification in Web 3.0, transforming the crypto space into a full-fledged economic activity sphere with digital brands, money, assets, and privacy in the future. All listed require a reputation institute through which the trust of participants in any digital communications crystallizes. TNS tools allow the reputation institute to evolve and lay down the systemic foundations for cooperation based on trust, protecting the uniqueness of names, digital social connections, and the content associated with names and connections.

TNS protects digital entities from fakes, which are proliferating on the internet with the development of AI. By protecting digital entities, TNS increases their value, and the $TRUE token facilitates their circulation and capitalization. This marks a qualitatively new stage in the development of DeFi, thanks to which the capital intensity of DeFi will increase significantly, offering the opportunity to earn "x's" to everyone who invested in $TRUE at the start.

TNS is a cross-platform standard covering more than 20 networks, including ETH, BSC, ARB, and MATIC. The uniqueness of the TNS name is secured by its linkage to the Ethereum wallet, and unique connections between TNS names are stored in a proprietary second-layer sidechain. The project creates a reputation verification mechanism for all nodes in the sidechain.

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