Presale is ongoing, terms and conditions have been updated

Created: 31-05-2024

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Understanding our responsibility to future hundreds of millions and billions of TNS users, we have brought together the world's best blockchain technology experts (without false modesty) to develop an open standard and open architecture.

As a result, unique technical solutions and approaches have emerged. Among other things, we have devised an analog of two-factor authentication in web3, implemented exclusively through web3 tools. Additionally, this technology will enable the implementation of a multi-signature mechanism, which will significantly enhance user security and ease of technology use. Details will soon be described in a special article.

New solutions require significant resources at the start. Therefore, we are continuing the pre-sale on the launchpad until the goals are reached. New conditions: starting May 31, the token price increases by 1 cent ($0.01) every 4 days.

Time waits for no one. The train is leaving. Let's break through the network barrier together!

Thank you for believing and bringing people on board! The more active you are, the faster we will achieve our common goal on the path to implementing the standard.

We are also pleased to announce that in the very near future we will launch a pre-market for names, where it will already be possible to reserve names and assess their value.
This will initiate the formation of the TNS name market.
The market will begin to form before the TRUE token is released into free circulation. This ensures that the token will immediately become in demand, rising in price, and will prevent dump attempts right after hitting the exchanges.

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