TNS Project: New Steps Towards a Universal Cross-Platform Standard!

Created: 23-05-2024

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Dear colleagues,

The TNS project is gaining momentum, although we are still in the very early stages of launch. In recent weeks, significant internal work has been done, the results of which will soon be evident. In the near future, the Pre-market of names will be launched, and the auction mechanisms will be activated, where you can participate in reserving names. The White Paper will also be updated, revealing the details of the technical implementation with fundamentally new approaches to the usability of blockchain technologies. Work is underway to add new languages, primarily Spanish. A campaign of short articles is being launched to reveal the project's ideas under the general slogan "There can be only one." All of us who support the TNS project will be able to achieve the emergence of a new universal cross-platform standard of subjectivity and identification on the internet.

We are pleased to announce the opening of another communication channel – now not only through e-mail but also through Telegram! Please go to the Personal Account at this link: and enter your Telegram login in the corresponding field. With your consent, news about important system updates will be sent directly to your Telegram.

Thank you for being with us!

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