TrustLaunch: Pool Updates in May-June

Created: 03-05-2024

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Dear friends and participants of the TNS project actively developing your social graph! We are pleased to announce that the requirements for qualifying in the pools for May remain the same, which means they are reduced fivefold compared to the standard described in the bonus system. In June, these requirements will be reduced only by 2.5 times (i.e., they will double compared to April and May).

We remind you that as a result of April, five participants entered the first pool, two the second, and one the third. No one has yet reached the 4th pool, which currently contains almost 500 USDT waiting for its owners!

Hurry up to actively develop your social graph. Today, it provides rewards in crowdfunding, and in the future, it will yield significantly greater rewards from the growth of the entire TNS ecosystem.

Thank you for being with us!

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